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Why is healthcare revenue management so challenging? Denied insurance claims.
More than 25% of all healthcare insurance claims are denied when first presented for payment. Effectively, a fourth of the provider’s “invoices” are returned unpaid. No other industry faces a collection problem of this magnitude. The result is vast inefficiency and a choke-hold on your revenue, the life blood of your organization.

Whether you are a single practitioner, large institution or a payor, reducing the number of denied claims is the key to improved efficiency and cost control. RevenueMD’s solutions use leading edge data analysis technologies to dramatically increase the payment rate of submitted claims, resulting in lower receivables for providers and reduced overhead for any healthcare organization.





Document Management






Data security and informational accuracy are of the utmost importance in today’s business world. Designing and deploying a secure, accurate, and user-friendly management system requires a high level of expertise. We use 128-bit encryption and secure data transfer channels to ensure that your sensitive information is protected. RevenueMD is focused on tailoring our products and services to meet your individual business needs by providing customized applications that allow you to access this information at the click of a mouse. After converting your hard copy paper documents into a digital format, retrieval that would have taken hours will only take seconds.


RevenueMD - Realize your maximum revenue potential






Helping your practice reach its financial potential.

While the cost of caring for individual patients continues to rise, reimbursement rates decline. To compete with insurance companies that contest fees, pay on a slow schedule or underpay claims, you need a powerful, accurate and affordable system. One that works with your processes to achieve optimal results. According to the Healthcare Advisory Board there is $780 billion dollars exchanged between payers and providers each year.


Revenue Cycle Management

The regulatory and financial pressures facing healthcare providers, facilities, and payors require timely and accurate claim handling. There is trend among insurance companies to demand an increasing amount of documentation for each claim. Hence, the level of reimbursement has dropped and the reimbursement schedule has been extended, thereby depriving healthcare providers and facilities of valuable cash flow. Outsourcing medical billing functions allows physicians to focus their energies on attentively providing patients with quality care. Moreover, it affords them access to resources and a level of expertise not easily replicated by in-house billing personnel.

RevenueMD provides a complete range of medical billing services, some of which include:

  • CPT/ICD coding

  • Electronic claims processing

  • Review of claim payment to ensure appropriate reimbursement

  • Automatic secondary and tertiary payor claim filing

  • Persistent yet tactful patient pay follow-up

  • Accounts receivable management

  • Accounting and reporting as frequently as desired

  • Statistical analysis

RevenueMD gives clients an edge by providing them with the following benefits:

Faster Cash Flow

Our large staff of well-trained and experienced medical billers and coders allows us to submit claims and any subsequent follow-ups more quickly than our competitors. Hence, clients benefit from the cash flow generated by our faster turnaround time. Typically it takes medical billing firms 60-90 days from receipt of the claim information until physician payment receipt. RevenueMD delivers in 30-45 days.


Higher Realization Rates

Our large pool of medical billing specialists allows us to tenaciously pursue underpayments and improperly rejected claims. As a result, our payment realization rate is 20-25% higher than industry standards. Consequently, our clients realize striking income increases well in excess of our service costs.


Lower Overhead

Convert fixed costs into variable ones. Eliminate the expenses of housing an in-house medical billing operation, purchasing and constantly upgrading billing software, and personnel, including training, benefits and vacation.



We realize that the physician-patient relationship is a very important one, and match our determination with discretion.


Comprehensive Analysis

Not only do our clients benefit from the ability to focus on their core competencies, our in-depth analysis – down even to the patient level – provides them with insight on their businesses.


Complete Compliance

RevenueMD’s professionals keep abreast of the latest developments in healthcare regulation. We make certain that your claims are processed by highly skilled individuals with extensive knowledge of the latest billing and coding developments.


Increased Security

Information security is of the utmost importance, and RevenueMD has taken every measure to ensure that both our staff and our technological infrastructure are of the highest caliber. All information is 128-bit encrypted to ensure complete privacy.


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