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RevenueMD RCM MANAGEMENT (Revenue Cycle Management)

REVENUE MANAGER:  Improves coding and billing compliance by:

  • Identifying coding compliance exceptions such as deleted and invalid HCPCS codes, questionable revenue code and modifier assignment, non-billable codes, and codes not recognized by OPPS

  • Providing access from within the same website to official CMS and FI-specific references related to OPPS coding, billing, and reimbursement
  • Tracking changes to the charge item history

RevenueMD’s RCM helps capture additional revenue and reimbursement by:

  • Ensuring your RCM facilitates billing for the services you provide
  • Using best practice coding models to identify potential new services
  • Identifying devices, drugs and blood products that are not contained within your RCM, and for which payers separately reimburse
  • Identifying RCM line items that are priced below APC or fee schedule amounts
  • Comparing prices to peer hospitals

RevenueMD’s RCM helps reduce A/R days through:

  • Identifying coding or charging exceptions that slow down reimbursement
  • Flagging errors in the RCM to eliminate recurring billing errors and decrease denials

RevenueMD’s RCM reduces the level of manual intervention required during the billing process because it:

  • Allows for the correction of the problem at the RCM level
  • Provides access to current CMS billing information and FI-specific guidelines in one place
  • Delivers information to ancillary departments about billing rule changes

RevenueMD’s RCM facilitates inter-departmental communication by:

  • Immediately after a regulatory change is published, identifying specific charge items in your RCM affected by the change, and notifying designated users via e-mail to allow them to quickly react
  • Allowing you to define multiple routes and stages through which a request for a change or new charge item must move, and specific reviewers at each stage
  • Allowing you to monitor progress of individual requests

RevenueMD Consulting Services

  • In conjunction with RevenueMD’s RCM Manager, our team of experienced RCM specialists can be engaged to perform a complete line item review and update of your current RCM. (Note: RevenueMD Consulting Services are not included with the subscription.)









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